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Our mission is to provide a platform to collect, communicate, document and preserve the history, heritage, and genealogical information associated with the Gleaves surname, any variants of the spelling, as well as others related by birth or marriage.

While we assist in research on all the various lines, our emphasis is on the descendants of Matthew Gleaves, who immigrated to America from Cambridgeshire, England in the mid Eighteenth Century.

Next Gleaves Reunion

October 8 - 11, 2014 in Grapevine, Texas

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February, 2014 Reunion Update

Hope all of you Gleaves cousins have managed to stay warm this winter.  Sure looking forward to the 70's, whenever that will be. I am posting some pictures of Grapevine, TX where our 2014 Gleaves Reunion will be held next October 8-11. I am sure looking forward to seeing all of you.  Be sure to like us on Facebook @ Gleaves Family 2014 Reunion and check  www.gleavesfamily.com for the latest updates. You may make hotel reservations with Melissa McCoy, Director of Sales, Comfort Inn, 301 Capitol St., Grapevine, TX  76051 phone 817-329-9300 at $89.00/night plus taxes.  Again, they have a shuttle to & from the airport and shuttle around Grapevine so you shouldn’t need rental car.

Betsy Mitchell House

The first picture is of the Betsy Mitchell house where our meetings will be held. This sits to the front of the beautiful Heritage Park Botanical Gardens.

The others are of the Botanical Gardens that surround the house.  It is such a beautiful area.

Along with Kim Gleaves Marin, we are still working on the final details of the reunion.  Hope to have the final costs soon so that we can send out the registration forms. 

Lee & Debbie Gleaves

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Heritage Park








   Grapevine Botanical Gardens 







  Koi Pond








Continuing a Gleaves Family Tradition

For many generations, the Gleaves Family have been farmers.  Today's younger generation is continuing this tradition.  Click here to see how.

New Content Recently Added

Here are links to Content added recently with the date added:

3/2/2014 Added documents for Charles Wythe Gleaves and his descendants
    including letters written by his daughter Belisa Gleaves during her 1922 tour of Europe;
    updated Keene-Martin time line

11/12/2013 Death certificates and chart compiled by Fran Nichols for some Tennessee deaths.

9/11/2013 Completed scans and loading of remaining Gleaves documents including:
   James Turk Gleaves' ledger 1852-1855
   Robert Harvey Gleaves' ledgers: 1876-1882 and 1882-1901
   References including Farmers' Bulletins, recipe booklets, etc.

2/21/2013 Dyer County, Tennessee, documents for T. B. Gleaves and his family

10/19/2012 Reunion 2012 content: pictures, summation of evaluation forms; booklet; Jean Gleaves' reunion history presentation
    Financial reports from the reunion;
    Reunion planning guidelines
    Reunion presentation: How to use & navigate our web site

10/18/2012 The new officers elected at the 2012 Reunion
    Guy Gleaves' Will
    The naming of Mount Juliet, TN

9/25/2012 In the Links section, a link has been added to the Gleaves family tree on ancestry.com

6/2/2012 Additional letters have been added as well as the 1850 tax collection ledger of George Wythe Gleaves, the 1863 Company Description ledger and the 1893 Cookbook produced by The Ladies Aid Society of the West Ward Presbyterian Church, Radford, Virginia.

12/5/2011 Writings of Laura Keene Gleaves, the wife of Dr. Charles Wythe Gleaves and the great-grandmother of the webmaster: her magazines, journals and Biblical poems.

10/28/2011 Rufus Turner letter

8/11/2011 The final installments for the Gleaves in the 1850-1930 Census Records

Matthew Gleaves, Sr; Matthew Gleaves (son of William); & Sarah Gleaves Allen & her descendants.

8/07/2011 James Turk Gleaves & his descendants in the 1850-1930 Census Records

8/07/2011 Nancy Gleaves in the 1850-1930 Census Records

8/04/2011 Esther Gleaves Finley & her descendants in the 1850-1930 Census Records

7/29/2011 Margaret Gleaves Turk & her descendants in the 1850-1930 Census Records

7/14/2011 All documents loaned to us by the Dunkley family have been scanned and loaded to the web site in the Letters and Diaries section of the Family History.  New additions include:

James Turk Gleaves'

memo book from 1819,
his ledger beginning in 1836
and his ledger beginning in 1854.

James Turk Gleaves, Jr's record book of the Union Debating Society of Floyd Institute beginning in 1850. Some of the questions they considered were:

Ought capital punishment to be abolished?
Who serves the most, a warrior or a statesman?
Have the Indians received more or less from the whites than the Negroes?
It is probable that the Union will be dissolved in fifty years.
S. C. ought to secede from the Union.
There is more pleasure derived from the pursuit of an object than from the procession of it.

The account book for the Wythe Minute Men kept by Robert Harvey Gleaves beginning in 1860.

The ledgers and order book kept by James Taylor Gleaves from 1909 to 1945 after he inherited the family farm from his father, Robert Harvey Gleaves.

4/1/2011  Ramsey Family in Census and discussion of names

6/12/2011 New military cemeterie

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