Prayers for our cousins


Photos of the damage are on the left.

The tornados that passed through Tennessee on Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2008 affected several of our Gleaves cousins living near Lafayette, Macon County,  Tennessee (at the top of the state, near Kentucky).  Staci Hill Waynick and her family lost their home.  Staci, her husband Dennis, their daughter Sandi and their grandchild were in the house when the tornado hit.  Dennis and Sandi have some cuts and bruises but Staci and the baby are fine.  The house was split in half and knocked several feet off its foundation.  It is standing, but it is very fragile and could fall at any time.  They have managed to get a few things out, but still have a lot left in it.  The church behind the house, where Dennis preached, is completely gone and they can't even find the steeple for the church. 
At the current time, Staci's sister, Cindi, has loaned Staci and Dennis her camper to stay in until the government can evaluate their losses.  Staci and her family have plenty of donated clothes but they will need help cleaning up the property when the government gets through assessing the damage.  The entire county was declared a disaster area by the Federal Government.
Staci is the youngest daughter of Billie Hurt Hill, grand daughter of Virgil and Naomi Hurt , and great grand daughter of Katie Gleaves and Thomas Hurt.  Katie Gleaves was the daughter of Malissa Gleaves, who was the daughter of William Carrel and Delilah Baker Gleaves.  William was the son of James Robertson and Eliza Wood Gleaves, grandson of Thomas Harvey and Sallie Smith Gleaves, and great grandson of William Benjamin and Elizabeth Turk Gleaves.
Please remember these cousins in your prayers that their lives, home and church may be quickly restored.