John G. Gleaves Cemetery Vandalism Repair

Gleaves Cemetery Angels Continue Their Good Works

The John G. Gleaves cemetery was created with the burial of Felix Gleaves, the infant son of John G. and Elizabeth Gleaves born December 26, 1834 and died August 1836.  There are about 15 graves in the cemetery including John G. Gleaves, who was buried in 1854.   The cemetery has always been well maintained and is mowed on a regular basis during the summer.  This line of Gleaves still live near by on part of the original property. 


This little cemetery was at one time very isolated but is now surrounded by houses and interstate 40.  In September, 2006, the cemetery was vandalized.   Every stone was turned over even the very large stone on John G. Gleaves’ grave.  After the vandalism the police were called.  As there were no witnesses, nothing could be done.   A few days later, the smaller stones were reset. 


April 17, 2008 Repairing the remaining graves
The repair of the larger stones was going to require planning.  A large crane would be needed but that presented problems.  First it would be very expensive.  Second it could have further damaged the graves with its tracks.  This put Owen Gleaves to thinking.  He has a natural ability to figure out how to complete impossible jobs and in the least expensive way.  During the winter when he was not busy bush hogging, he mulled over the problem.  He finally figured it out and then built his contraption of steel.  See the pictures to see how he did it.


Owen had the help of his always reliable cousin, George Wilkerson.  This time they also had the able and needed help of Tom Gleaves, Charlie Beals and James Austin.  While they were working, Tom’s parents, Oscar Ray and Elizabeth Gleaves came by to check on the progress.  This is their family line and where they plan to be buried. 



This Contact message was received on April 26, 2008:

Hello, I am the guy that lives in the Cove apartments that mentioned the knocked over tombstones. I noticed last week that you had corrected the tombstones and mowed the grass too. It looks great! I looked at your pictures of the procedure and everything seemed to work out well for you. I feel the souls of the cemetery are grateful of your efforts. I feel like they want me to say "Thank You" to you. I want to thank you as well because I feel better now too. Something  always made me feel like I needed to "fix" the cemetery for weeks, and that's why I googled the cemetery on the internet and found your website. Now all is well. There's a sense of ease now when I pass the cemetery. Have a good day sir.